10 Things We Know About The Upcoming Comic Series

Andy Serkis and Andrew Levitas have teamed up with some of the best artists in comics to create something new. Here is everything we know about it.

Late this year, Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis announced a partnership with the multidisciplinary artist Andrew Levitas to launch a new comic book inspired by Greek mythology called Eternus. The story, which will be published in 2022, features Heracles after Zeus’ death and the mystery of his murder. 
Although it will be a short run, with only 7 issues, Eternus features a big group of talented writers and artists working together to assure its quality. Since its creators have already announced that this is only the beginning, comic fans all over the world are very excited to see what else is in store for this new universe co-created by Serkis and Levitas.

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It Was Co-Created By Andy Serkis And Andrew Levitas

Among other things, Andy Serkis is known for his roles in many movies, such as Avengers: Age Of UltronThe Lord of The Rings, and Star Wars. Andrew Levitas has produced several movies, including GeorgetownThe Quarry, and Last Moment of Clarity.

Taking into consideration Andy Serkis’ career, it is obvious that he is already somewhat familiar with the world of comics, but Andrew Levitas’s work is closer to art cinema. Regardless, he has plenty of experience in many types of art, so fans can be sure he will do a fine job for this book.

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It Features A Script By Don Handfield and Anastazja K. Davis

Although the original idea for Eternus comes from Serkis and Levitas, the comic will feature a script co-written by Don Handfield and Anastazja K. Davis, both writers with long careers in the movie industry.

Handfield’s previous work includes the scripts for Touchback and Slingshot, but he has also produced films like Kill the Messenger and The Founder and created the TV series Knightfall. Davis, who has previously worked with Handfield, specializes in thrillers and has written for movies such as SultanaFemale Fight Club and Disconnected.

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Karl Moline, Andy Owens, Dave Lanphear, And Rob Prior Will Collaborate On The Art

As every fan knows, it takes a village to create a comic. Besides the creators and writers of Eternus, it is important to credit the four artists behind its images. Karl Moline serves as the penciler, while Andy Owens works as the inker, in addition to this, Dave Lanphear is doing letters, and Rob Prior will supply the covers.
Every one of these artists has a prolific career in the comics industry. As an example of the quality fans can expect on their work, Karl Moline has worked in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, and Rob Prior has worked on Terminator and Game of Thrones books.

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Karl Moline, Andy Owens, Dave Lanphear, And Rob Prior Will Collaborate On The Art

Although the story was announced in late September, Eternus will not be released until 2022. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on the month of its debut, but the creators have announced that the story will be told over seven issues, so it will take a bit longer than half of the year.

Since it has not been published yet, it is impossible to know anything about any other work between Serkis and Levitas, but it is most likely that if Eternus is a success, it will allow for them to keep working together in the comic industry.

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The Plot Draws Its Main Inspiration From Greek Mythology

Serkis explained in an interview that “Eternus is an expression of our [his and Levita’s] fascination with foundational mythology and deeply rooted storytelling,” and confided that all of the characters of this story are based on the Greek Gods everyone knows already.

This is not the first time Andrew Levitas has worked with Greek mythology. The director has used Greece in his prior work. In fact, one of the reasons he filmed his latest movie Minamata in Athens was the profound interest he has always had in the Hellene culture and aesthetics.

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It Tells The Story Of A Crushed Heracles After Zeus Died

While Eternus draws inspiration from Greek mythology for its characters and plots, it does not feature the undefeatable gods that appear in most depictions. In fact, it is a darker story that follows Heracles’ life after his father Zeus is killed.

Thirty years after the murder, Heracles is an alcoholic who is forced out of his own depression when Athena’s Temple is robbed. Since the thief only stole an old Zeus’ relic, all gods are convinced he is the one who killed him. It is Heracles’ job to help solve this mystery.

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It Is Not Connected To The Home Planet Of Marvel's Eternals

Also known as Eyung, Eternus is a planet on the Andromeda Galaxy of the Marvel Universe that once was the home of a superior race known as the Eternals. These were conquerors that held other races of Eyung as slaves.alcoholic who is forced out of his own depression when Athena’s Temple is robbed. Since the thief only stole an old Zeus’ relic, all gods are convinced he is the one who killed him. It is Heracles’ job to help solve this mystery.
Since the MCU’s latest movie features this race, fans may be tempted to believe Eternus has something to do with it, but this is not true. This upcoming story is an original idea by Serkis and Levitas that hopefully will be expanded in future years.

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It Is A Part Of A Group Of New Books Produced By Scout Comics

Scout Comics & Entertainment is a comics publisher based in Fort Myers, Florida that was founded in 2015 by Brendan Deneen. The main objective of this company is to develop and publish creator-owned comics, making sure to always bring new talents to the comics industry.

Besides EternusScout Comics presented seven exclusive upcoming stories at the New York Comic Con of 2021. Among the titles are Count Draco Knuckleduster, Action Tank, Unikorn, Stake, White Ash, Ranger Stranger, and Third Wave. All of these are available on the Scout Comic website.

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It Is One Of The First Comic Books Financed By Thunder Comics

Eternus is one of the first comics ever financed by Thunder Comics, a new comic fund currently on the look for new talent in the comics world. This company was founded in early 2021 by writer and producer Don Handfield, Tim Zarajos and Chris LeMole from Armory Films, and Ashley Coleman and Rafael Chavez from Chavez Brothers.

For now, the only other work in Thunder Comics’ catalog is Unikorn, also produced by Scout Comics. However, there are many plans in the future for this company and their website invites users to subscribe so they are the first to find out.

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A Preview Is Already Available For Purchase

Even though Eternus #1 will not be published until 2022, Serkis and Levitas fans can rest assured because there is a limited-edition preview for the story that was created especially for the New York Comic Con that is available for purchase on the Scout Comics website.

There are also copies of the Eternus preview signed by Andy Serkis for sale. This can be either a metal cover edition or a CGC graded one. The price may variate depending on the edition.